Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Now Make Free Phone Calls With The Support Of VoIP Services

Communication with anyone from anywhere on this world has now become easily possible today. From the time Graham Bell discovered telephone; communication technology has spread its wings and is soaring high every day with new inventions and techniques. The day is not far away when free SMS and free phone calls are offered to everyone all over the globe.

But today with the introduction of VoIP technology you can make free phone calls online. Using this VoIP, some popular programs like Google Voice, Google talk, Skype, iCall, EvaPhone and Freebuzzer offer the user Free Phone Calls From Internet. But of course, there is a need for a PC, Fast Internet connection and a microphone to utilize these services. With these programs you can make unlimited free PC to PC calls and also talk without any time and geographical restriction. This phone system makes it possible to talk with a single person or with a group of persons through video conferencing without spending a dime.  But for all these services the parties at both the ends need the same programs. 

In addition to these services, US and Canadian citizens can make Free Internet Phone Calls within their city using these programs. Also people from other countries can make Free Calls to USA and Canada. FreeBuzzer allows this service to nearly 40 countries. It is the only service that extends their free phone feature to other countries apart from US and Canada. Moreover with this EvaPhone you can make free international calls to all countries for a very short period which lasts for up to 1 minute according to the destination.

There are some software programs that allow the user to make free phone calls anywhere in the world. Of course the time duration allowed is either very short or for some fixed period of time. Their services are similar to free calling cards. For a certain time period the user can talk to anyone for free. These programs use softphone, a virtual phone identical to the real physical phone working on VoIP feature.  VoxOx is one such program that allows the user to make cheap phone calls. Furthermore the user can talk free to any number for two hours.  The other program is Tuitalk. Vopium is an other type of phone call system. There is no need for any Wi-Fi connection. As the trial offer, they allow 30 minutes free call to any number worldwide and 100 Free SMS.

Completely free phone calls without PC and without the country restriction are not possible at present. However this home phone solution using Google Voice and ObiHai will let you make unlimited free phone calls to anyone in USA and Canada from your home country anywhere in the world. But you need to invest some money initially to enjoy free phone calls directly from home phone system to buy OBi Adapter and broadband connection. This will eliminate the monthly phone bills forever.

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  1. I live in CANADA but most of my relatives lives in other countries so i wanted to know how to make cheap international calls from CANADA to reduce my call rates.